Lipstick Syndication is a high-end photographic agency specialising in the production and licensing of men’s lifestyle content.

Founded on 20 years experience within men’s market publishing, Lipstick Syndication’s mission is to not just be at the forefront, but to lead the industry in the new era of digital media offering new alternatives for the reproduction of content on a variety of existing and emerging platforms.

Whether you require a single image or a complete editorial feature package, themed web galleries, mobile wallpapers, online games, or images for merchandising, our talented and forward-thinking team of syndication experts can not only assist with your image research requests, but also prepare tailored pricing models that are unique to your needs.

Representing some of the world’s most creative photographic eyes, Lipstick Syndication, showcases a mix of sexy and alluring imagery from emerging “new faces” models to wives and girlfriends of the world’s leading sports stars, from the most popular men’s magazine cover girls to the hottest celebrities both in the UK and worldwide.

For all sales enquiries or to learn more about Lipstick Syndication please contact sales@chillimedia.com - +44 1622 600491.

Lipstick Syndication is a brand of Chilli Media Limited, registered in England and Wales,
No. 06493973, 9 Sheringham Close, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0NF, www.chillimedia.com.